Youtube Earning Calculator

About YouTube Earning Calculator Tool

YouTube money calculator is a very important tool especially for those who want to start a campaign .i.e. marketers and YouTube Creators, so the marketers can evaluate a YouTube channel easily.
In simple terms, YouTube Money Calculator is an online tool that helps users to know how much a channel or a video can make, it also calculates the CPM of the channel, and last but not least, it calculates the estimated revenue of the channel according to its views.


The following YouTube Money Calculator helps you in calculating the values of certain channels and you can look up their estimated revenue from YouTube video views too, although there are two ways use The following YouTube Money Generator.

Method 1. You can evaluate a certain channel directly

  • First you should find the channel you want to evaluate from YouTube, then copy the URL of the channel.
  • Then get to the searching column (Here) and paste it there and hit the search button to start searching for the channel’s estimated value.

Method 2. Calculate Channel’s Value.

  • A calculator can be found below the searching column, there you can enter the daily views, or you can drag the scroll to estimate the earnings from your video.


You may be wondering how is the revenue calculated, Your AdSense revenue differs based on your CPM (cost per mile), which means the cost for 100 views of the ads on this channel. The number is used for judging the value of the channel which helps the users to understand the potential of the channel which they look up for,